Holy Offerings

New Series – Holy Offerings

After reading a blog post on writing from 4 Things Beth Moore Taught Me About Writing.

I was able to see my writing life very clearly for the first time.  As I read, “Each Idea Has a Shelf Life’.  I realized that I am a short writer.

I have also realized that my opinion on matters, doesn’t really matter.  I mean really, the blog-o-sphere is full of everyone’s opinions.

It caused me to take a nice long look at myself, my writing and why I was writing.  Was I writing to simply build a platform in hopes that one day someone would take a risk and give me the long shot of publishing a book?  Do I even have enough to say to fill the pages of a book?  I’m not sure.

As I looked over years of journals I saw one constant.  It was my prayers that filled the pages.  I have been praying alongside other women for over twenty years. Not just praying my words, but God’s words, over family, friends, community and the world.

Maybe you would like to follow along and pray too.  You can find my short words here Holy Offerings

Many Blessings,