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Behind the Poem:. The Breath of Life

Behind the Poem: The Breath of Life
If you have been in the room when a baby was born, you’ve experienced it. Their first breath. What a miracle moment!

Can you imagine being present as all creation caught its first breath, the breath of God.

This is where I wanted to go with this poem, the miracle of creation, the miracle of life.

Can you hear it? The breathing in, the breathing out of all things. 🦢

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Behind the Poem: Remain

Behind the Poem: Remain

It’s mid-November and I can still see a few leaves clinging to trees, while others have long blown away.

That is what I picture with this poem. The days can become dry, the wind will blow in our lives and storms will come.

All the Lord requires from us is to do what those little leaves are doing. Remain, cling, hang on to Him. It is in that place where we root deep and find our strength. 🌿

You can listen here –

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Behind the Poem:. He is Near

Behind the Poem He is Near: Some days we can feel the Lord close, other days He feels far, far away.

Oh… how our emotions are fickle.

The truth is – He is Near, rather we ‘feel’ Him or not.

Can we trust that He goes before us, walks behind us and hems us in like a mother bird, hems in her chicks.

He chooses to be near, do we choose to be near to Him? #Psalm139