Mama Bear

Pray With Purpose

A purpose is the reason, the aim or the goal.

We have to ask ourselves, what is our aim when we pray for our children, what are we hoping to achieve?

More importantly what is God wanting to achieve through our prayers?


I believe that the Lord’s purpose is reflected in this scripture, He is always at work transfiguring us into His likeness –

We can all draw close to him with the veil removed from our faces. And with no veil we all become like mirrors who brightly reflect the glory of the Lord Jesus. We are being transfigured into his very image as we move from one brighter level of glory to another. And this glorious transfiguration comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit. 

1 Corinthians 3:18 – The Passion Translation

He wants to draw us close.  So close that we begin to reflect Him in all we say and do, from glory to glory.

He wants our children to know Him face to face, to know Him as well as they know their own reflection, He wants to take them from from glory to glory.

Less of Us – More of Him
From Glory to Glory

If we happen to forget God’s purpose, no worries, He’ll remind us. 

I meet with some ladies once a week and we pray for our community.  On my heart that day were Mama Bears and their Baby Bears who are born addicted.  In the area I live it is on the rise and my heart breaks, not only for the babies but the mamas too.

When we finished praying one of the women said something brave, “We must be ready, when the opportunity arises, to put feet to our prayers today.”  

It was only hours when my opportunity arose, and I’ll be shamefully honest, I hesitated.

It was inconvenient, I was busy and it didn’t fit in to my plan for the evening.  Then the Lord stopped me dead in my tracks.  “Wasn’t this the very women and child you were praying for today?”  

It was the kick in the pants that I needed and it spurred me into action. I rearranged my plans, and went to encourage those who God had called me to that night, the very ones I had been praying for that morning.  I had almost missed it, I had almost missed my purpose.

We must be Mama Bears, who are willing put feet to our prayers.  Our children need to see us grab ahold of our purpose, this will give them courage to grab ahold of theirs.

When we pray for our Baby Bears, we must pray with God’s Purpose in mind, that they be transfigured into His likeness.  Jesus gives us a great starting point, His Commands to us and to our children.    When they begin to walk in obedience to the Commands of Jesus, this is the path to an abundant life!  I desperately want that, do you?

God's Commands Don;t Limit Us (6)

When we hold our  Bible we hold the Commands of Jesus  in our hands, but there is a difference between holding them and keeping them.  To keep something is to maintain it with care and labor, to lay something up, to treasure it.

Love and obedience walk  hand in hand.  When we purpose to keep Jesus’ commands this demonstrates our love for Him and a chain reaction begins.

  • Our obedience reveals our love for Jesus
  • Our love for Jesus opens the door to God the Father, and He lavishes His love upon us.
  • There is more… Jesus’ love is also released upon us, with a promises to reveal Himself to us.

To reveal is to make known, to lay open.  Jesus Himself is made known to us as we love Him and keep His commands, everything about Him is layed open before us.

We then find ourselves knowing Him more and more, loving Him more and more.   Our lives are  being molded by love and obedience.  From glory to glory.

Don’t we want all of this love shaping our children’s lives?  

Don’t we want them living, breathing and moving in the love of Jesus?  

How better, than to pray the Commands of Jesus over their lives!

As you read through the Commands of Jesus, imagine how they will shape the life of your son or daughter.

Peach Striped Bakery Menu

This list is going to take us on a prayer journey.  Each week we will pray a command from Jesus over our children, with Passion, with Power and with Purpose.

Let’s Start with Jesus’ Call – To Keep His Commands   

A Prayer for Your Child: 

Lord, I thank you that _______ has access to the commands of Jesus, may he/she keep them with care,  showing his/her love for Jesus.  As _______ loves you though his/her obedience I rejoice in knowing that _________ is loved by You and Jesus will come and reveal Himself to her/him.  -Amen

A Prayer for you Mama Bear: 

Father, I lift up my Mama Bear friend to you, may she be a woman who digs deep into the Commands of Jesus.   Make her the gatekeeper of her home as she strives to maintain them in her life.  I thank you that her love for Jesus, will spur her on in obedience to Your Word.  Remind her that Your love for her is overflowing, and may Jesus be revealed to her more and more. – Amen

Mama Bear

When Your Child Is Struggling to Believe

As we step into this Holy Week, a week of remembering all that our Savior, Jesus endured for us, my greatest hope is that my children have a firm belief in Jesus and His sacrificial gift of salvation for them.

To believe in something is to accept something as true, to feel sure of something or to have faith, but not all of us praying Mama Bears have children who have chosen to believe by faith that Jesus is their Savior, yet.

They may be very young and have not made a choice at all,  maybe they once believed and have now chosen not to, or have completely rejected the idea of Jesus as their Savior.  Don’t grow weary dear Mama, yet, may be just around the corner.

Nothing breaks a Mama Bear’s heart more, and it can feel like we have been waiting and praying forever.  The truth is, just as we by faith chose Jesus, so must they.  As much as we would like to choose for them, I see all of you mama bears nodding your heads,  sadly as much as we want to we cannot.  The choice to believe is theirs alone.

Do not fret Mama Bear, at times it may not feel like it, but we have the greatest influence in our children’s lives .  Our children big and small are watching us all of the time.  We must purpose to reflect our belief in Jesus, in our attitudes, our words, how we live and  how we pray.

Let’s take a look in to a man that many would have thought was a hopeless case, a guy who would have never accepted Jesus.

Paul not only started out as an unbeliever, he hunted down followers of Jesus and killed them.  Even so, Jesus loved Paul too much to let him go on in life without Him.  Jesus planned an encounter with Paul and Paul was never the same again.

If you are a Mama Bear and your child seems far from Jesus, maybe not in the Paul category, but still far, far away.  Find comfort in this, Jesus loves your Baby Bear far too much to let he or she go on without Him,  He is planning an encounter.  

After Paul’s encounter with Jesus, he became a passionate Jesus Follower and these were his words to people who were struggling to believe.

If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 

Romans 10: 9-10

If you confess, declare, acknowledge with your mouth the Lord Jesus 

And believe, accept as true, feel sure about,

have confidence in your heart, your soul, the central part of who you are 

That God has raised, lifted out, pulled up Jesus from the dead

You will be saved, freed, released, rescued 

For with the heart, 

one believes, affirms, concludes and trusts

Is made right by justice through Jesus 

And with your mouth confess, declare your faith, you are saved


Praying for Your Child With

Let us pray with a renewed power, passion and purpose the words of Paul, a passionate Jesus follower,  over unbelieving children today.


Father, I ask that _______ confess with his/her mouth and believe in his/her heart that God raised Jesus from the dead.  May  ______ be reminded today that Jesus has saved, freed and rescued him/her.  When __________ believes this with his/her heart he/she will be made right through the justice of Jesus and if _________will confess and declare his/her faith in Jesus,  ___________ will know His salvation.  Amen 

A prayer for you, Mama Bear 

Lord , I pray over this Mama Bear, that she confess with her mouth and believe in her heart that God raised Jesus from the dead.  That she will be reminded today that Jesus has saved, freed and rescued her, that she will believe and trust in her heart that she has been made right through the justice of Jesus.  I ask that she take every opportunity with her children to declare her faith in Jesus, that she and her family will know His salvation.  Amen 


Mama Bear