The Hard Yes

Don’t we love saying yes to the easy yeses in our lives?  We love the yeses that offer us promotion, praise or comfort.  How do we react when God asks us to say yes to the hard yeses?  The yeses that require time, commitment and sacrifice.  The yeses that ask us to give much of ourselves – the yeses that hurt.

As we celebrate this holy week I think of Mary’s journey.  Baby Jesus stirring in her womb as she rode on the back of a donkey, making the journey to Bethlehem, the City of David.

Mary had said yes to a hard yes.  A yes that would be self sacrificing, life threatening, life changing and heart piercing.  Mary said yes to salvation, her own salvation and our salvation.

Those are the yeses that shape us, form us and mold us into the image of Christ.   As we celebrate this Christmas and begin to look into the year ahead let’s make a Christmas Promise to ourselves.

We Will Say Yes To the Hard Yes

Each of us, like Mary hold a hard yes within us –  

  • Some of us will will say yes and sit with a friend who is suffering.
  • Some of us will say yes and welcome a neglected, abandoned child into our family.
  • Some of us will say yes to opening up our home and our table to the lonely.
  • Some of us will say yes and finally go on that mission trip to a starving and broken land where we will pour ourselves out until our bones and our hearts ache.
  • Some of us will say yes and move far away from family and comforts to follow God’s call.
  • Some of us will say yes to compassion for that difficult co-worker or family member.
  • Some of us will say yes and set down our pride once and for all.
  • Some of us will say yes and open up our checkbooks until it hurts.
  • Some of us will say yes and love those who are difficult to love.

Within our Hard Yes, God is birthing something beautiful.