Living and Loving the Commands of Jesus

If you love me obey my commands.  Jesus said that.

Jesus My…






Faithful Friend


Strong Tower


The One I Claim To Love

I do love Him, at least I thought I did.  Until this list…I feel like it has left me pretty much undone.  If you really want it to sink in, read it out loud, then read it again.

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Now let me ask you, do you love Him?  

I’ll be honest, it has been so long since I have taken a long hard look into the commandments of Jesus that I had forgotten many of them.  It’s as if they existed in the background, when they should have been in the forefront.

Most often I’m looking into God’s Word seeking out what He has for me, not something  I can do for Him or those around me.  Most times I come to God’s Word taking, not giving.

This list has got me to wondering… 

When we live His commands, will we really start living?   

When we live His commands, will we really know the abundant life? 

When we live His commands, will we we really start seeing? 

When we live His commands, will we really start knowing? 

When we live His commands, will we really start loving?

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Book Reviews

Book Review – Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love

It is so refreshing to read a book that speaks to the challenge of ministering to our Big Kids – our Teens and Tweens.  There are so many choices that lay before us as we parent in this stage, sometimes we can feel lost and frustrated.

Lori Wildenberg and Becky Danielson help us find our way as they take us on a Love Walk through  1 Corinthians 13, in Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love.   

Each chapter highlights a different aspect of this passage and is packed with realistic ideas that will spur us on as we minister to our Big Kids.  We learn to open our eyes to the red flags, take a good long looks into our parenting mirrors, and glean from Lori and Becky’s parenting experiences.

If I had to pick a favorite chapter I would say, Choosing Goodness.  As parents we often see our children through rose colored glasses, choosing to not see their struggle against sin.  The truth is we must see their sin, so we can effectively pray.

In this chapter we take a look at Seven Deadly Sins our kids can face and counter them using the Replacement Technique.  We pray a replacement prayer, praying Godly attributes over our children.  Then we purpose to seek out opportunities to train our Big Kids in these areas.

Ministering to our teens will come with trials.  Lori and Becky encourage us with these words –  Wait with expectancy and tenacity, knowing that God has a firm grip on you. 

Big Kids


You can pick up a copy at my favorite place – Raising Big Kids with Supernatural Love