The Three Women of Christmas


The years ticked by and no child came, yet Elizabeth and Zacharias remained faithful to the Lord, living right before him, walking in all his commands, blameless. 

This says so much about their love and devotion to the Lord. Even when he had not given them their hearts desire, they remained. It is in those moments of disappointment, in the tears of unanswered prayers that we have a choice to make, to run form the Lord, or to remain.

What will we choose, dear friends?


The Three, Women of Christmas


It seems we are always waiting for something. Something to begin, something to end. In truth if we counted the hours, we would find we spend many in the uneasy place of waiting.

Anna was a woman who was no stranger to waiting. To wait is to remain, to look forward to, to be in readiness for something or someone. Anna was waiting for one thing, Israel’s redemption. She did not know how or when it would come to pass, the end was not in sight, hope could not be seen when she started her vigil.

Sometimes when we start a vigil of prayer, we can see no end in sight and we become tempted to just give up. We will learn much from Anna as we watch her persist in prayer through years of long waiting days and nights.

Each chapter of the The Three Women of Christmas begins with a poem. I’ll be sharing these over the next several weeks. 🌲🌲🌲


The Three Women of Christmas

Coming Soon!

Happy Wednesday!

I jut wrapped up the final edits on The Three Women of Christmas and sent it off for formatting. I am thrilled to be offering this ebook for Free! Think of it as my Christmas gift to you. ❀ If all goes as planned, it will be ready for download by Thanksgiving.

The book will walk us through the birth story of Christ through the stories of The Three, with a mixture of poetry and storytelling. Here is a glimpse of my final words on these three lovely ladies.

I have to say it is Anna who steals my heart each time I teach or write about her, such faithfulness in a time when things seemed so bleak and hopeless. That is my hope and prayer for this little book, that it will stir our hope and faith and fill us with the wonder of Christmas.

Here are the first words from Anna –

 I stand dressed in black,
 mourning wails swirl round me.
 They scream no husband, no children, no hope.
 I dwell within a broken nation, awaiting redemption, 
 searching for freedom, sitting in darkness.
My eyes search, greedy for a flicker of light. 
My ears strain for his voice, only to be met with silence.
I fall into the deep dark.
My eyes flutter open, the day is new,  
my hope mingles with prayer. 
I walk to the sacred place,
bringing nothing, expecting everything.
The door that shuts behind me, will grow old in the waiting.
 Day and night, night and day, 
 praying and listening, bending low and lifting high.
 Asking and trusting, hoping, and longing, 
 the waiting and wondering begin. 


The Three, Women of Christmas

Upcoming Project

It’s going to be quiet here for a bit.

I’m half way through a project that is close to my heart. I have taught the Women of Christmas in a verbal storytelling form for several years.Β Β 

Now I’m taking all of my notes and research and writing their stories down in a Christmas devotional.


I’ll mix in a little poetry and a lot of prose as I tell the stories of these three special women – Anna, Elizabeth and Mary.

I love that Jesus loves women and I love that they are instrumental in His coming to Earth.

I hope to have this little chapbook ready to go by the first of November, Lord willing.

I have a lovely artist friend who is designing the cover and I hope to have print and ebook editions available.

Hold me in prayer when you think if me. πŸ’—

Faith · Grief

Christmas Tears

I’ve always loved the simple things of Christmas. The tree glowing in the evening, Christmas music in the air, baking cookies, Christmas parties, the holiness of Christmas, Communion and candle light.

The gifts are an annoying side gig that I must participate in. There was always one beacon in all of the Christmas shopping and that was the annual shopping trip I took with my Dad.

He was the embodiment of Christmas cheer and we had some adventures.

There was the year we came out a different exit of the mall than we entered, and we were convinced that someone stole the car.

The year we were so busy talking that I missed our exit and we ended up in another state.

Secretly, our shopping was just an end to a means. The means, margaritas and Mexican food. At that table we would laugh, solve word problems and discuss all things past and present.

Dad was plagued with several health issues, failing lungs were one of them. The last few years we gave up the shopping and headed straight to the nearest Mexican restaurant.

It was all he could do to get from the car to the table. But once settled at our table, margaritas in hand we would laugh and talk. As we had dinner and our second margarita arrived, his breathing would ease and I was certain margaritas were his cure. If only we could stay there forever.

Sadly the margaritas were not the cure and this year Dad’s lungs, ever so slowly, stopped their breathing in and breathing out. We knew it was coming, but nothing prepares you for loosing someone so dear. The missing, the aching.

This year has been a year of tears, they can come at any time. Some days I feel panic set in as I try to remember his voice. Walking in my parents house and glancing into my Dad’s empty workshop, grief grips my heart.

Christmas has brought a fresh cup of brimming tears. The thought of Christmas without him seems unfathomable. I want to skip it, run away from it and I certainly don’t want to do any Christmas shopping.

As much as I want to sit with my tears and let them have their way, I have continued to resist them. Maybe I am afraid if I start crying I may never stop.

I read this article What Grieving People Wish You Knew at Christmas , by Nancy Guthrie. I was given this fresh perspective on tears.

For most of us, grief tends to work itself out in tears β€” tears that come out at times we don’t expect. Sometimes grieving people sense that people around them see their tears as a problem to be solved β€” that te

Nancy’s words are true. Tears are not my enemy. I am still a woman of faith.

Tears are a gift, a healing gift from God. They will help to wash away my deep anguish.

This Christmas I choose to open His gift and let them fall.

Advent · Hope

Our Living Hope

Today we light the Hope candle. All had been quiet for 400 years. God’s people were waiting for the Light to pierce the darkness. Waiting for their Living Hope to arrive.

As we set our hearts toward Christmas, let’s take a moment and lift our hands and hearts in thanks to Jesus, who is still our Living Hope today. πŸ™Œβ€οΈπŸ™Œ