Better Together

Something has been burning in me for some time now.  It’s my first thought in the morning and my last at night.  We’re better together.

I am on this walk, this journey to become more like Christ.  The plan is –

Less of Me – More of Him 

This is a walk I cannot walk alone.  I am grateful that I have not had to.  Grateful for friends, who have become sisters to me, who have joined me the journey.

In my small community , God is on the move.  I see new faces each week, when I take the time to look –

  •  I see a generation of women, who are holding a Bible in their hands for the first time,starving for what its pages hold.
  •  I see a hunger and a thirst for a better life.  A life with God in the center.
  • I see mothers standing alone dedicating their children to the Lord.
  • I see women sitting alone, their husbands at home far from God.

I hear the Lord whispering in my ear,

“They don’t have to walk alone.” 

I feel a fire igniting within me – burning


Many of us spend our lives chasing after our ‘calling’.  We are convinced that it has to be some great thing.

What if the great things are this – 

  • Sitting over a cup of coffee and opening up her Bible with her for the first time.
  • Lingering over a meal as you encourage her, filling her with strength to keep God in the center.
  • Standing with her as she strives to raise her children knowing the Lord.
  • Sitting beside her and praying for her husband to join her in knowing Jesus.

Let this be our prayer –  Lord, help us to clearly see the great things You have called us to.  Remind us that great is not always big.  Great can be, just the one.  You see her, Lord – the one who is walking, lonely.   Give us the courage to lay down all of our fears, selfishness and insecurities, that we may come alongside her in her journey.  – Amen