Holding on to Summer and..Thinking about Christmas?

Today I strangely found myself free.  Free of any obligation. Living in Northwest PA – we hold on to the sun as long as we can.  Before we know it the grey clouds will hang in the air.

I looked outside, the sun was shining, they sky was blue, a gentle breeze was blowing.  I made a big decision, a decision to hold on to summer — with one last trip to the lake. Continue reading “Holding on to Summer and..Thinking about Christmas?”


But God… Roots out Truth

Abraham and Sarah loved God, placed their faith in God… yet they still made mistakes. We will make mistakes in our faith walk, there is no way around it. Fear is the root of many mistakes. Fear can cause a lie or a half truth to slip right out of our lips.

Let’s look at Abraham’s half-truth that could have caused the loss of many lives. Continue reading “But God… Roots out Truth”


A New Series

…But God…

We see those words in scripture many times.  ‘But’, a conjunction that signals there is a change, correction or an added thought.

Combine the word but with God and we can know that a powerful change, correction or thought is coming.

Let’s journey together through some of these moments in scripture, when we see the words …But God…sometimes heeded, sometimes not, we can learn from all.

God’s Word is living and active and still speaking and changing lives today.  Each of us will make choices that will lead to circumstances that will tell us that our life is going in a certain direction, then we have a… But God Moment that brings powerful change, needed correction or an added thought to the matter.

….But God… are words of rescue, our rescue.


Pricilla – Spreading the Seeds of the Gospel

Pricilla was a mover and a shaker and there wasn’t much dust that was settling under her feet.  She is mentioned with her husband Aquila, even their names make a great match.  They shared in everything, their business as tentmakers, their faithful friendship with Paul and eventually their passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus. Continue reading “Pricilla – Spreading the Seeds of the Gospel”