The Three Women of Christmas


The years ticked by and no child came, yet Elizabeth and Zacharias remained faithful to the Lord, living right before him, walking in all his commands, blameless. 

This says so much about their love and devotion to the Lord. Even when he had not given them their hearts desire, they remained. It is in those moments of disappointment, in the tears of unanswered prayers that we have a choice to make, to run form the Lord, or to remain.

What will we choose, dear friends?


The Three Women of Christmas

Coming Soon!

Happy Wednesday!

I jut wrapped up the final edits on The Three Women of Christmas and sent it off for formatting. I am thrilled to be offering this ebook for Free! Think of it as my Christmas gift to you. ❤ If all goes as planned, it will be ready for download by Thanksgiving.

The book will walk us through the birth story of Christ through the stories of The Three, with a mixture of poetry and storytelling. Here is a glimpse of my final words on these three lovely ladies.

I have to say it is Anna who steals my heart each time I teach or write about her, such faithfulness in a time when things seemed so bleak and hopeless. That is my hope and prayer for this little book, that it will stir our hope and faith and fill us with the wonder of Christmas.

Here are the first words from Anna –

 I stand dressed in black,
 mourning wails swirl round me.
 They scream no husband, no children, no hope.
 I dwell within a broken nation, awaiting redemption, 
 searching for freedom, sitting in darkness.
My eyes search, greedy for a flicker of light. 
My ears strain for his voice, only to be met with silence.
I fall into the deep dark.
My eyes flutter open, the day is new,  
my hope mingles with prayer. 
I walk to the sacred place,
bringing nothing, expecting everything.
The door that shuts behind me, will grow old in the waiting.
 Day and night, night and day, 
 praying and listening, bending low and lifting high.
 Asking and trusting, hoping, and longing, 
 the waiting and wondering begin.