All passages in scripture are not uplifting or easy to meditate upon. It’s important that we don’t disregard them.Β 

Life isn’t like that- there are days, weeks, months, even years of weeping.Β  The horrors of this passage always bring me to tears. Even worse, horrors like this are still happening in our world today.Β 

There are days, all we can do is weep – I must believe that He weeps with us. 🀍


Godspell – The Lineage

Godspell means The Good Story.  This Lenten season I decided to dig into The Good Story of Jesus, by reading through the Gospels.  Then I decided to write my way through them, in an effort go slow and look deeper.  

We begin with The Lineage, and it really boils down to The Four.  Women who were thrown away, despised, left with nothing, gleaning in the field.  In the midst of their darkness the Lord was working through their lives, birthing the generations to Jesus. ❀