But God Series

But God says…. It’s time to let go and let him fly

I know the blog has been quiet the last few weeks. I have been soaking up every minute with our son.

I sit here in Washington DC today. Our boy, our first born, is at the Embassy of Japan, for his first day of training, with the JET Program. Tomorrow he flies away – no longer a boy, but a man. Continue reading “But God says…. It’s time to let go and let him fly”

But God Series

…But God… Remembered Noah

When Noah was building the ark, he didn’t have the 4-1-1 on exactly how God was going to work everything out.

So it is with our lives, they happen, the good, the bad, the great and the awful. In the midst of the water rising around us for days – we wonder – ‘how is God going to work this all out?’

So it was with Noah… Continue reading “…But God… Remembered Noah”