Salt of the Earth

The Maker

The reason for this poetry series ‘Salt of the Earth’ is to help us open our eyes to see all of the women around us. Women who are living lives that may not look like ours, that we can see, it takes all of us to make this world go ’round. May we see God’s gifts within one another. ❤

I am not much of a maker, accept for food. I can make it work in the kitchen! I have watched this younger woman make over the years. I have a beautiful crochet piece made by her. I think of her when I wrap it around my shoulders in the winter. What a life of wonder she has created for her family. 🧶


Salt of the Earth

Care Giver

The most unseen, under appreciated are those that are giving care, be it their child, their spouse, their parent. My eyes were opened this week to a woman who was being crushed under the weight of it. May we be the ones friends, who say, “Here am I” With a meal, with a helping hand, with a visit of respite, with connections that could help. 🌿

Salt of the Earth

Mama Bear

I have struggled with empty nest. I miss making snacks, reading bedtime stories, sitting in a rocking chair with a babe on my lap, my chin resting on their soft hair. I miss all of it.

You could have never told me, I’d miss this, when the dishes were piled high, when little people wanted ‘just one more story’, when I felt glued to a rocking chair, or when one of my cubs would wipe their snot on my t-shirt. I always notice the overwhelmed mamas, and I want to tell them, “You’ll miss this.” But I know better. 😉