Glory Over Everything

Morning Coffee

I have been on a treasure hunt these last few months, choosing to find God’s Glory in every small thing.  It truly is a choice, to choose praise over panic, delight over dejection.  I recommend it, it does a work in the heart that is slow and good.

One delight I wake to each morning is my morning cup of coffee.  I wakes me nice and slow and is truly a gift from God.


May you never drink your morning cup the same.  🙂


Morning Coffee


The glass pot is worn, golden

it sits waits each morning,

my faithful friend


I pour the water,

scoop beans, grown from trees,

picked by human hands


I grind the beans,

until they look like dirt, rich and brown

a planting, a growing of courage for the day


I watch as the hot water pours,

taking bits of the bean with it,

soaking in their taste, their flavor


As if magic has taken place,

steaming toffee colored liquid

drops into the pot,






I stand waiting, watching,

waking to the day,

a slow waking is what I like best


At last my cuppa is ready,

I curl up in my chair,

wrapped in my fuzzy robe


Holding it close to my chest,

a steaming cup of liquid gold

I breath it in, sip it slow


Its energy warms me,

wakes me, soothes me,

this simple comfort found in a cup.



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