Glory Over Everything


We are living in times where we feel discouraged and out of control on so many levels. This is a perfect opportunity to remind ourselves, to take moment, Selah, To Pause in His Presence. In those moments we recognize that He is our Shield, He is our Glory, He is the Lifter of Our Head.

But You, O Lord are a shield for me
My glory and the One who lifts up my head Psalm 3:3



I wake and press my feet onto the cool morning floor

What does the day hold?


Will I laugh with joy?

Will tears fall?

Will rage rise, or sorrow come?


Will I see the unjust,

unwanted and unaware?


Will I hear of suffering,

neglect, the cry of the forgotten?


Will I wade through lies,

twisted truths and propaganda?

Will sickness suddenly come?


The sun begins to rise, questions loom as fog,

I whisper a prayer.


I pause in His presence, Selah


The quiet purrs in my ears,

no words are spoken, no answer comes


A head bent low, must lift

I see the sun in all of its glory, a new day begins

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