The Beautiful Ordinary

Morning Coffee

I make my way to the kitchen where my trusty coffee pot awaits. I pour the water, scoop the grounds, they remind me of dirt. You’d think I was planning to grow something, maybe some courage for the day.

The coffee pot pours the warm water over the grounds and almost magically a warm, golden brown liquid trickles into the warm glass pot. The coffee pot beeps, signaling that the coffee is ready and waiting.

It’s still dark, my brain still fuzzy from sleep as I hold my cup close and take my first drink. Warm liquid energy warms me, wakes me and sooths me all in one. Simple comfort found in the cup.

Lord, as I hold my cup and snuggle in with You this morning, I realize that you are my refuge. Apart from You I do not have one good thing, but with You all things are working for my good. Lord, You are my portion and my cup, no matter what today holds, in You I am secure. I find my courage in You this morning, You counsel me, and instruct my heart. Help me to keep my eyes always on You.

  Psalm 16

2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. What a gift to find your words in my inbox today, DeVonne! As I snuggle our newborn boy, sip warm coffee, and drink in God’s goodness, your words remind me that he is always faithful! Thank you for this!

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