Mama Bear · Praying the Commands of Jesus

Raising Kids Who Shine

Before we look at light, lets take a moment and look at darkness.

Darkness is absence of light, lack of, concealment, a lack of sight.  Darkness is all around us, and for those lost in darkness, we are the light calling them home.

Look at the Stars!

Light illuminates, make things visible and is a radiant energy.

Our children, who know Jesus as their Savior, carry the light of Christ within them.  They carry this visible and radiate energy to all who they come in contact with.

So don’t hide your light! Let it shine brightly before others…

Jesus knew that carrying the light would not always be easy for us and that must be why he felt the need to remind us.   You see, everyone looks at the light, notices the light and there is a level of accountability for a light carrier.   There are days when this can be hard, uncomfortable and self sacrificing.

Jesus is not suggesting that we shine, He is commanding it.  Not only are we to shine, but shine brightly for all to see.  It should be obvious to all, who we are living for.  Not once do I ever hear Jesus say, stay comfortable.

We aren’t in this faith walk to stay comfortable, Mama Bears.  We shouldn’t want it for ourselves, and we are cheating our kids if we want it for them.

I am known as the ‘pusher’ at my house.  I purpose to push my kids out of their comfort zones whenever I can.   What can I say,  it’s my calling!

We have not been called to stay safe inside our Christian bubble, we are called to Go Out.  Go out into the darkness and SHINE!  

…so that the commendable things you do will shine as light upon them…

How do people see the light within us?

By being people whose actions and speech are filled with light and goodness, causing people to trust and have confidence in us.

This is how simple it can be.

Have you ever heard the saying, “The Way to a Man’s Heart is His Stomach.”  Truth!

Dinner was a important event in our day, and I receive texts and calls throughout the day asking, “What’s for dinner?”  Many of the boys friends found their way to our dinner table.

I remember one young man who was amazed at family dinner, but he was not amazed at my great cooking, he was amazed at the conversation.  His comments to our son after dinner were, “Your parents asked me all about my day, the even asked how football practice went.  My parents never ask me.” 

Simply inviting a boy to join us  around the dinner table showed him the light of Jesus, we gave him light in the darkness and a place to call home.

My kids saw first hand how simple it is to shine.

and then they will give their praise to your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16 

Here is the catcher… praise will come, but it won’t be for us.  The light will be bigger than us, bigger than our kids, it will be God Sized.  This light, this heavenly light, shining through our lives will draw people to God Himself.


String Lights Mardi Gras Instagram Post

A Mama Bear Prayer

Father, I ask that _______ will not hide his/her light, but that _______ will let it shine brightly before others.  That all she/he says and does will be commendable, causing all those who come in contact with _______ to praise You.  In Jesus Name – Amen

Before I pray for you today Mama Bears, I want to share a little story with you about a woman who is simply shining brightly for Jesus.  You can hear Ludmilla’s story here.

A Prayer for you, Mama Bear

Father, I lift my friend up to you today, may she carry Your Light into the darkest places.  I thank you that Your light overpowers all darkness.  Fill her life and her home with Your light.  Let her be a light shining brightly before all she comes in contact with, causing them to have a trust and a confidence in her that leads them straight to You.  In Jesus Name – Amen

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