Mama Bear

Praying with Power

Scripture tells us that there is great power in the tongue.    What we say matters, it matters much.

And so the tongue is a small part of the body yet it carries great power! Just think of how a small flame can set a huge forest ablaze.  James 3:5 

So I must ask you, Mama Bear, what are you saying?  What words are you speaking over the life of your family?  What words do your children hear come out of your mouth?

Words of Life – Words of Encouragement – Words of Faith
– Or – 
Words of Fear – Words of Discouragement – Words of Doubt 

Even when we pray our feelings of fear, discouragement and doubt can filter in.  I will admit for many years I prayed with tears and frustration, and I was known to even add in some begging and pleading. It wasn’t until I learned to pray scripture that I felt true power in my prayers.


Power is the ability to act, to do accomplish something with strength. That’s exactly how I want to feel during and after my time in prayer, that I have accomplished something with strength! Lord knows, I’m weak on my own! The great thing with prayer is it’s not in my strength, but God’s.


Most days I do not feel godly or righteous, I feel like a plain old sinner.

But Jesus

You see, dear Mama Bears, it is Jesus who places us in the position of righteousness, right standing with God. Through Him we have been washed clean and can approach God’s throne with confidence.

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16

If that isn’t enough we have access to even more power –


When we pray God’s Word, our prayers become alive with power, His power.

I can trust that God’s words are alive and active, when mine are inadequate.

God’s words hit their mark, when mine fall short.

God’s words slice with the power of a sword, when mine are a butter knife.

God’s words penetrate the hearts, when our bounce off and fall to the floor.

A bonus is, when we pray God’s words for our children, His words pierce our hearts as well as theirs, and you know we love those two- for-one deals!

Let us be Mama Bears who leave our begging and pleading days behind us, and pray with power over the lives of our children as we teach them to do the same.

A Prayer for You Child:

Lord, I thank you for your word, that it is alive and active in _____________’s life.
As I pray your holy scriptures over him/her may they penetrate her/his soul and spirit. Your Word is the only thing that can judge the attitudes of _____________’s heart. Amen

A Prayer for You, Mama Bear:

Lord I lift up my dear Mama Friend, I ask that you remind her that Your power lives within her and she can approach Your throne with confidence. As she rids herself of offense and confesses her sin, your power comes and healing is released within her and those she is praying for. When she adds the piercing power of Your Word, her prayers are unstoppable! Amen

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