Mama Bear

Praying with Passion

I have come to the place where I’m sick of my own voice and my own agenda. When I pray it becomes all about my plan, which seems to be the easier plan, but not the best plan.

I want to hear God’s voice when I open my mouth in prayer, I want to hear His Passion, His Power and His Purpose.

Let’s take a look into what it means to pray with God’s Passion.


Passion is a powerful and compelling emotion full of love and fondness. If I were to ask you to tell me a few things that you are passionate about, I would be able to hear the passion in your voice and see it on your face. The beautiful thing about passion is it compels us into action.

Listen to the greatest command from Jesus –

God's Commands Don;t Limit Us (3)

Your passion may be your husband, your children, your career or business, an important cause and all are good, great even. If those passions supersede your passion for God, the truth is, your life will be out of order. When we make God our first passion, all of our other passions will spill over, in perfect order.

God knows that our passion compels us and He’s counting on it. You see if we love Him, with every passion in our heart, with all of our energy, with every thought and with all of our strength we’ll do anything He asks and go anywhere He takes us. We will follow Him to the end, and that’s what He longs for, a passionate lifetime relationship with us.

God wants this same relationship with our children, a passionate love filled relationship. Should we want anything less for them? I have to wonder if we have settled for less.

The culture in which we live will try to convince us that they should have other passions, sports, music, friends, school, hobbies, popularity, college, aspirations and that their passion for God can wait until later.

As I banged out those words I realized just how completely ridiculous they sound. Since when do we, followers of Jesus, care about popular culture? Why would we ever want our children’s passion for God to wait!

Mama Bears we must be the ones to encourage our children to passionately pursue God with all that is in them, and when they do, everything else falls into place. If we aren’t living out our passion for God in front of them, who is?

Maybe you are struggling with your passion for God, most of us have been there right along with you, times when we feel cold and distant.

There is power and passion within the Word of God, and as we begin to pray His words we will no longer hear our voice but His. Then that little ember within us will spark and our fire will burn again.

God's Commands Don;t Limit Us (5)

A Prayer for your Child:

Lord, My prayer for ____________ is that he/she love You with every passion of her/his heart, with all of the energy of his/her being, with every thought within her/him and that ___________ will love you with all of his/her strength. I know this is Your great commandment. Amen

A Prayer for you, Mama Bear:

Oh Lord, you are passionate about your precious daughter and I ask that she love you with every passion of her heart, all of her energy, in every thought and with all of the strength within in her. Help her to live her passion for You, out loud before her children, that it will ignite a passion for You within them. Amen

Praying for Your Child With

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