Mama Bear

Don’t Worry Mama Bear, Pray

I have heard it said many times that when you have your first child, it’s as if your heart came out of your chest and started walking around.  Sit around a table with a group of mothers and you will see that those words are true.

Mama Bears tend to worry and before we know it we have a list of them that has no end. Worry is a tricky thing, it starts small, and it can keep growing within us until we are almost smothered by it.

There are some boo-boos that we can kiss and make better, and there are some that are completely out of our control.

Maybe some of these sound familiar to you –

  • Are they eating well?
  • Sleeping well?
  • Are they happy?
  • Do they have friends?
  • Do I like their friends?
  • Do they like their teachers?
  • Do their teachers like them?
  • Are they studying enough?
  • Applying themselves enough?
  • Can I trust them?
  • Are they friendly and kind?
  • If they are moody, why are they moody?
  • Are they leaders or followers?
  • What are they wearing?
  • When is the last time they washed their hair? Brushed their hair?
  • Is their walk with the Lord strong enough?
  • Have I failed them in any way?
  • Do they lie to me?
  • Are they depressed?
  • Before we know it boyfriends, girlfriends, college, careers, spouses, marriage and gasp! grandchildren (a whole new generation to worry about) come into the picture and the list continues to grow.
Your list of worries will have no end, Mama Bear,
unless you put an end to it.
The only way is to take your worries and turn them into prayers

The power to do just that, lies within you. When you purpose to live your life according to this scripture, refusing to live in worry and fear, choosing to live in prayer and peace.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

Mama Bear Arrow

Do not be anxious, worried, fearful

about anything, any one thing, to any degree

but in every, any, each situation

by prayer, communion with God and petition, ask

with thanksgiving, gratitude, appreciation

present, show, give your requests to God.

Then the peace, unity, calmness of God

which transcends, rises above all of your understanding

will guard and protect your heart, the center of who you are

as well as your mind and your thoughts, as they are hidden and protected in

Christ Jesus.

Prayer is our secret weapon against fear and anxiety, God beckons us to come to Him and pour out our hearts on behalf of our children.

Arise, cry out in the night,
    as the watches of the night begin;
pour out your heart like water
    in the presence of the Lord.
Lift up your hands to him
    for the lives of your children
 Lamentations 2:19

Don’t Worry Mama Bear, Pray. 

Prayer Retreat Church Flyer (3)

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