Mama Bear

When Your Child is Facing Rejection

Rejection is plain awful and it comes with an arsenal of emotions. It can leave one feeling cast aside, discarded, dumped, forgotten, forsaken, lonely, desolate and comfortless, the list is heartbreaking and long.

Most of us have felt rejected at some point in our lives, and to watch your child walk through it can be just as painful. You know those moments, they are swinging alone on the play ground while the other kids play, sitting home on a Friday night when everyone else is invited to the party, or they come home crying from school because no one talks to them.

The worst rejection of all is when it comes from someone they love, be it a parent, grandparent, brother or sister, boyfriend or girlfriend. Rejection whittles away at the confidence of even the most confident. Nothing riles up a Mama Bear more than seeing others reject the cub she loves.

There may be a season in your child’s life when Jesus is their only friend, but what a friend He is. The thing about Jesus is He knows the pain of being utterly rejected by those He loved, served and came to save. He was rejected by His family, friends, community and He even felt rejected by His Father. In the darkness of rejection, take your child’s hand and purpose to lead them to Jesus.

We find Peter encouraging Christ followers to face rejection as Jesus would. Peter had seen the character of Jesus first hand, and this verse shows a beautiful picture of how Jesus resisted the temptation to lash out, not an easy thing to do. As Jesus followers we and our children are called to this standard as well, and it is necessary to step up if we want to see the character of Jesus grow within them and within ourselves.

Mama Bears Lead By Example

love arrow

When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.

1 Peter 2: 23

When they hurled, threw or flung without care

Their insults, verbal abuse, or slander at him,

He (Jesus) did not retaliate, return or seek revenge

When He suffered, endured and agonized

He made no threats, inflicted no pain

Instead, in place of, rather than

He entrusted, committed, put himself in to the care of

Him (God the Father) who judges justly, honestly and fairly.

Praying for Your Child With

Rejection can make a Mama feel powerless, and everything within you will want to retaliate, threaten and do some yelling. We cannot change how other people treat our child, but God can. He will hear and move powerfully as we pray. You can count on it!

A Prayer for Your Child

Father, I ask that when ___________ has insults hurled at him/her, that ____________ will not retaliate. You see ___________ suffering in all of this, help him/her to make no threats to others. Instead, help __________ to entrust himself/herself to You, resting in the truth that You, Lord will judge justly, honestly and fairly. Amen

A Prayer for you Mama Bear

Father, I pray over this Mama Bear, that you will help her to set a Godly example before her children. When insults are hurled at her child, give her wisdom to not retaliate. Remind her that You too, see her child’s suffering, help her to make no threats to others. Instead, teach her to entrust her child to You, resting in the truth that You Lord, are a just Judge. Amen


Mama Bear

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