Mama Bear

Mama Bear

I don’t remember when it began, when my youngest son began to refer to me as Mama Bear. It always warmed my heart, but it was only recently that I have embraced it.

In my husband’s words, “I am a fierce mother”, and for so long I fought that idea.  I longed to be the mother with the quiet, gentle spirit.  Honestly, that is just not who I am.

This led me to a little research project on Mama Bears and this is what I found.

Mama Bears are affectionate, protective, devoted, strict, sensitive and attentive with their young.  Not sounding so bad now is it?

Bear cubs are born weighing in at just under one pound and are completely blind, they are utterly dependent upon their mama.  She spends about eighteen months nurturing, weaning and teaching her cubs.

She must stick to her task, by the end of the short eighteen months, she is aggressively pushing them out to live on their own.  It will be time for her to mate again and male bears pose a huge threat to her cubs.  She pushes them out into a life of their own, not because it is the easy thing to do, but because it is what is best.

line.jpgMama Bears press through the hard things

Not because it’s easy, because it’s best


I began to think back, wondering where did I pick up this mentality?

Was it instinct?  Something I read?  Something that was taught to me?

Maybe a little of all three.

If I had to put my finger on one thing I would say I found my passion for mothering, in prayer.  It was the place where I could be honest about my children and myself.

I could celebrate them without feeling prideful
I could complain about them without feeling guilty
I could weep over them, and God would bring comfort
I could wonder and hope over their futures

All the messiness of our lives would pour out.  I was free to be real and honest,  because I was talking to the One who loved them more than I.  The One who sent His Son, Jesus to die, for them, for me, for all.  His passion, stirred mine.

When my first son headed off to kindergarten I joined a little group of other Mama Bears,  each week we lifted our children and their school up in prayer.  My passion skyrocketed, not for just my own kids, but for all of God’s kids, big and small.

Through this group I not only prayed my words, but I learned to pray God’s words, His promises back to Him.  My boys are 22 and 25 and I’m still praying God’s Word over and into their lives.

I have found that in every situation that I am praying over,  rather it is for our family or for other friends and family, God’s ancient and holy scriptures are still relevent today, I promise you.

Recently our youngest son was going though a stressful trial at college.  His an anxiety and mine were through the roof.  Our step by step plan was way out of step, and he and I had many sleepless nights where I cried,  yelled and  stomped as I prayed for him.

Once I finished my little temper tantrums, and I had several. I did mention that I do not have a quiet and gentle spirit, right?  I went to the place where I knew God’s purpose in all of this would be, His Word.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition,with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Philippians 4:6 

Before I pray a scripture I walk myself through it. I want to write it on my heart and understand it in my mind.

Don’t be anxious, afraid, distressed or fearful
About Anything, any one thing, any thing at all 
But in every, any, each and every, situation
By prayer, plea, appeal and petition 
With Thanksgiving, gratitude, gratefulness 
Present, bring, offer or give your requests to God. 
Philippians 4:6


If you have a child who is struggling with anxiety place their name within God’s Words, God’s Promises.   I promise that you will feel the power and purpose of God’s Word falling all over your baby bear.

A Prayer for Your Child 

Father, I thank you that __________ does not have to be anxious or distressed about anything, not any one thing.  Help ____________ in each and every situation to pray and appeal to You, with a heart of thanksgiving and gratefulness, teach __________ to present, offer his/her requests to You. Amen.  

A Prayer for you fellow Mama Bear 

Father, I thank you for this Mama Bear’s heart.  I thank you that she does not have to be  anxious or distressed about anything, not any one thing.  Help her in each and every situation to pray and appeal to You, with a heart of thanksgiving and gratefulness, teach her to present, offer her requests to You. Amen   

Now, I would love to tell you that every thing worked out in my baby bear’s favor, it did not.  His goal and plans have been delayed, in the weeks that have passed I can say that the reasons for this delay have become a bit clearer.  Very often on this walk with God, He takes us on the long road, He is more about the journey and His work within us,  than our end goal or agenda.  One thing I know for sure, neither of our hearts are anxious any longer.

If you are in the place of being a Lone Ranger Mama Bear and you are longing to find other Mama Bears to connect and pray with I know the perfect place Moms In Prayer


They are all over the world.  Set your misconceptions and fears aside, join hands and hearts with other Mama Bears you will be forever grateful that you did!

Here on the blog you will begin to see scripture prayers that you can pray over your children and yourself, just look for the Mama Bear Category.  Again, no matter what challenge comes along  in their life or yours, you will find peace, comfort, power and purpose in God’s Word.


Mama Bear


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