He Is

He Is Able

 Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within usEphesians 3:20 NASBline 1

We find this beautiful nugget of truth at the end of Paul’s letter to the believers in Ephesus.

If anyone knows how able God is, it’s Paul.  It took one encounter with Jesus on the Road to Damascus where Paul’s natural eyes became blind, so that his spiritual eyes could see.

Before Paul’s encounter with Jesus, he was Saul, a man who seethed with hatred, who hunted and killed Jews.   The change in Saul was so great, that he received a new name and Saul, meaning “prayed for,” became Paul, which means “small and humble.”   In the end, God completely changed Paul’s heart and he became a passionate follower of Christ.

Paul isn’t sitting in his comfortable home as he writes these words, he writes as he sits in a prison cell, yet he still knows and trusts that God is able.

Unpacking the Verse

Now to Him who is able…

 The Him that Paul is referring to is God the Father, He is the one who Paul declares Is Able.  We will come up against many obstacles in this life; some we are able to tackle and others are far out of our league.  When we’re faced with our own inability is a time that we find God has all the needed skill, knowledge and power to move on our behalf.

To do far more abundantly beyond…

Once we let go of the reigns and let God take control, is where we see just how able He is.  The question is, am I willing to let go?  If I refuse to, chances are I will only ever see with my natural eyes, my spiritual eyes will remain closed and I will miss out on the miraculous.

Since God is a God of fullness and completion, He does not do things half way.  When He takes action in our lives, He does it with great purpose and a final result in mind.  He is a God of abundance, and when He supplies, it is with great quantity that surpasses our need.  When I read this part of the verse all I can think of is Buzz Lightyear’s words, “To infinity and beyond!” Do we trust God enough to believe that He has no limits, that He truly goes to Infinity and Beyond?

all that we can ask or think…

God knows us completely, before we call on Him, and when our prayer is just a thought in our mind, He knows.  Before we dare ask, He knows.  He knows, when we are wrestling in prayer, crying in frustration, begging for someone to be made well, or hoping for a different outcome.  There will be times when no answers come, we see no change for the better, and our hopes are crushed.  Yet we hang on to Him as He pulls us through, trusting that God is at work in ways we may never understand.

God not only hears what we ask, but He knows our thoughts.

Those thoughts that spin around in our minds, the ones that we dare not speak.

We have to ask ourselves, “What is the condition of our thought life?”

Are our thoughts faith-filled or faithless?

 Are they longing for peace and reconciliation or  resentful and full of anger?

Are they awful and hateful, or pure and lovely?

Why are our thoughts so important to God?  I believe that where we let our thoughts wonder, we will wonder, into darkness or into light.  Our thoughts are responsible for controlling our attitude, emotions, our decisions, and actions.

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The truth is there is no fooling God’s Spirit, that is at works in us.  Scripture tells us that He searches our hearts.

And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.  Romans 8:27

according to the power that works within us

That power that works within us is the indwelling Holy Spirit, and that is not something we should take lightly.  The Holy Spirit power that works in us is dynamite, life giving power, so powerful that it can change our thoughts, attitudes and actions.  Holy Spirit knows what we are thinking, what we are dreaming, and the secret hopes of our hearts. He keeps us check, in accord, and in unity, with God.

When we place our inabilities in God’s hands, that is where we will see how able our God is.

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