Book Reviews

Talking to Jesus

Can you imagine a face to face conversation with Jesus?  How I long to meet Him face to face, to just sit and talk with Him.  What a day that will be!

In Talking To Jesus , Jeannie takes us on a beautiful journey through the many conversations that ordinary people had with Jesus.

They, like us today, are such a needy people.  Some sought him out for healing, some for miracles others for answers to the questions that burned within them.  She unveils each conversation in such a unique way,  you feel as if you are in the moment, listening in on every word.

After each conversation she reminds her reader that at any moment of any day, we too, can choose to have those same conversations with Jesus.  No matter the depth of our need or the questions we long to have answered, Jesus is right here waiting and willing to sit and talk with us.  The question is, will we make the time to sit and talk?

If your looking for a fresh perspective on prayer, this book is for you!






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