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Alongside Book Review and Giveaway

How many times have we not come alongside someone in crisis, because we didn’t know what to say or do?  The chance to bless passes by, lost in the abyss of good intentions.

Alongside is the guide that turns our intentions into action.  Sarah Beckman shares many insightful ideas such as –

Simply Changing Sheets

Just Sit and Listen 

Food Speaks the Universal Language of Love 

Do Without Asking 

Listen Don’t Compare 




Plus many, many more.

The great thing is Sarah doesn’t just leave it at that, she goes in depth helping you to assess your relationship with the individual you are ministering too.  This way you know your place in their lives, which will guide you to find the best way to help.

She shares what recipes make a great go-to-meal, how to simply be present and finding the balance of listening and asking questions.

After reading this guide you will never be the person who says the useless phrase, “Call me if you need anything.”  You will be confident and ready to come Alongside. 

You can find Sarah’s book here Alongside.

Share this review on Facebook or Twitter, by February 20, 2017 and that will enter you to win a free copy!  





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