Hearing the Shepherd’s Voice

One question I hear over and over again is, “How do I hear God’s voice?”

We long to hear Him, we long to follow Him, but our lives are filled with so many voices calling our name.  The TV is blaring, the kids are crying, our phone is dinging, our email is full, we have thirty-two notifications on all of our social media platforms.    Yet, we wonder why we can’t hear the Shepherd’s voice?  I have to say it, ‘Seriously?’

Listen to  how noisy a sheepfold is when they are in motion…

Sheep In Motion

Now, listen to a sheepfold in moments of  quiet…

Sheep In Quiet

What a difference!

If we can learn to quiet our minds, quiet our hearts, quiet our spirits, we will learn our Shepherd’s voice.

How do we find that quiet place?  Honestly, it is up to us.  We must create the quiet, we must choose to shut the noise down.

Everyday, find a solitary spot, with your Bible and journal.  Begin to talk to the Shepherd, ask him questions, share your concerns and then simply sit quiet.

In the quiet you will hear from Him.  He may lead you to a passage in your Bible or drop a word in your heart, write it down and be sure to date it.  If He is calling you to action, act. If He is telling you to wait, wait.

As you practice this day by day, His voice will become familiar and even in the midst of noise, you will hear it.

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