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Journal the Word Bible Review & Giveaway

I sat behind a young woman in church a few Sundays ago and I was eaves dropping just a little.  As our Pastor taught a message on enlarging our tents from on Isaiah 54:2  I watched her draw in her notebook a beautiful tent with its curtain pulled open wide. That was the moment I understood Bible journaling. I witnessed how we can meditate on His Word in new and creative ways.

There is just something special about a new Bible.   Hearing the sound fresh of binding stretching as you open it for the first time, feeling the crisp pages under you fingers.

The beautiful thing about the Journal the Word Bible is as you study there is room for you to journal and create right next to God’s Word.  The large print is a wonderful bonus and the wide margins beckon your notes and drawings.  This is a treasure you will hold onto through out the years.

I am thrilled to be able to give one these beautiful Bibles away.  Comment-

“I Want to Journal the Word”

on this post through my Facebook or Twitter entry deadline is December 1, 2016!


If you are new to Bible journaling and are thinking, Where do I start? Melissa at Happy Flower Printable has beautiful templates to get you started.

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