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The Broken Way – A Review

When the chance came along to to have an advanced copy of Ann Voskamp’s new book

The Broken Way – A Daring Path to the Abundant Life

I couldn’t say yes quick enough.

I have been a fan of her honest and thought provoking blog, A Holy Experience for several years now.  I loved her first book, One Thousand Gifts, as well as her book that changed the way I celebrated Advent, The Greatest Gift.  

All that to say, I was unprepared for the sacred journey that I would take as I read, The Broken Way.  I am one to zip through a book, yet I found myself reading and re-reading her words slow.  Setting the book down to scrawl out a few thoughts on what I had just read.

As i read  Ann’s words was like pulling up a warm soft blanket on a cold rainy day.  Her words sooth and warm the soul and with that warmth your souls begins to wake, begins to realize that there is more, so much more than broken.  That in the broken there is life, the life that only Christ can give.


One of Ann’s quotes that I have written on my note pad is,

 Live Everyday like your soul’s eternal.  Because it is

Here we are eternal broken beings with a hope, a hope of Jesus.  A hope in the abundant life He offers us.

We can have days where we feel less, way less than Christ-like.  Days when we feel our life is far away from the abundance we crave.  Ann lights a candle of hope for the broken, that hope is found in the Givenness.  Givenness, a new word for me, the possibility that we can give, even in our brokenness.  In that giving, reaching and taking the risk to give is where we find the abundance we are all searching for, soul abundance.

Ann invites us into her holy experiences, but they never lead us to herself, always to Christ.

The Broken Way

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