More of you, Lord – Less of me

My head has been buried deep into the Gospel of John over the summer.  Writing a Ladies Bible Study that begins in September. It is a combination of God’s Word, Teaching, Journaling, and Coloring.

A Journey through the Gospel of John

loved art

I have waves of excitement and waves of terror.  It has been a wrestling of sorts.  A wrestling with myself and with the Lord.  Moments of being on top and moments where I was certain I would here the slap of the mat and the word PINED being yelled out.

  • Am I qualified for this? – No
  • Am I educated enough for this? – No
  • Will I have all the answers? – No

When these questions plague me I am certain this match is over and I have lost.

Then there is this… for the win

  • Is the Lord qualified for this ? – Yes
  • Is the Lord educated enough for this? – Yes
  • Will the Lord have all the answers? – Yes

This verse, John 3:30 has been circling in my heart and in my head

More of you (1)

I can rest knowing that all I have to do is make room, become less, and ask Him to  increase.




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