Tracing Jesus

This past weekend I had the opportunity to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus with 7,200 women.  All 50 US states and 37 different countries at The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference. It was glorious!

In our own small town, small church we can feel… well… small.  It was refreshing to realize that His Church, His Bride is not small… it is BIG and it wraps all around the world.

This conference was different, slower, quieter, deeper –

  • The worship intimate and sweet
  • The teaching solid and sure

No one was pointing at themselves, their ministry or their book – the only person being pointed to – was Jesus.

It was a refreshing for my soul.  A refocusing of my mind.

I found myself digging deep into God’s Word along with thousands of other ladies.

We can find ourselves wondering, Are we getting this Jesus following thing right? 

These words were a balm to my heart and an answer to that question

Jesus is our pattern – We trace our lives after Him

Jesus is our pattern We trace our lives after Him

As we keep Jesus in the fore front of our thoughts and actions –
We trace after Him.
It’s when we start tracing ourselves or others –
We find ourselves off of the page.

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