Living Brave

This week I am in a twirl!  So much excitement is stirring within me.

This Saturday my home church is hosting Living Brave, a One Day Conference.

We are going to gather and hear the life stories of Four Brave Women of the Bible. 




Mary the Mother of Christ

Something amazing and beautiful happens when women circle around

The Presence of God

The Word

In Fellowship and Friendship

We Become Brave  

My dear friend Ginny is coming to teach Hannah and Esther and I have the privilege of teaching Deborah and Mary.

These women lived in a time when women were treated more like property than people.  The Lord knew their worth, just as He knows ours.

He called them to be Brave – He calls us to be Brave

We can become confused about where our bravery comes from.  We think we have to summon it up on our own, or work on our self confidence and then someday, someway we will become brave.

Living Brave is God Confidence. 

It is knowing the call of God and walking in it, all the while depending on Him.


  It will be challenging, messy and sometimes heartbreaking,

Yes heartbreaking

We are not Brave on our own – It is Him who makes us Brave

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