Podcast · Praying the Psalms Project

Praying the Psalms Project

This week our church congregation  started a week of prayer and fasting.  Honestly I was so worried about the food preparation that I neglected to really focus on the spiritual aspect.

That tells you how much we love food at our house !

Over the first three days I stood and stared at my neglected coffee pot and said to the Lord, Forgive me for not making You first Lord, where should I focus my Bible reading?  He led me to the Psalms.

As I read Psalm 1 I thought – this is the most beautiful prayer.  I have been praying God’s Word for years, but have never prayed through the Psalms.

I want you to join me.  You will see a series pop up called the “Praying the Psalms Project”

Praying Through the Psalms (2)

Each Post will start with the Psalm, following it will be my prayer.  The prayers will be raw and real, edited only a little for spelling.

I will also add a link to an audio file where you will hear me pray the prayer.  I have found that folks are fearful to pray out-loud, this makes hearing a scripture prayer, prayed out-loud all that more exciting.

Read, listen, enjoy, sink into them and pray them as your own.

Most of all dig into the Psalms and know that they are for us today!

Listen Here:

Praying the Psalms – Intro



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