Her Song

Miriam’s Song

Dear Miriam always in the shadow of her younger brother Moses.  Even her song is just a little chorus after Moses’ long serenade to the Lord.

Not an easy place to be, in the shadow of someone else.  Worse yet a younger sibling.

As a young girl Miriam was watching out for her brother, Moses.  As his mother placed him in a basket in the Nile River, Miriam stood watch.  She followed it along the riverbank to assure her baby brother’s safety.

When Moses was lifted out of the river and claimed by Pharaoh’s daughter as her own, out popped Miriam offering the perfect solution for a wet nurse,she and Moses’ own mother Jochebed.  Little Moses was back in his loving mother’s arm, thanks to Miriam.

Miriam spent many years separated from Moses.  He grew up in Pharaoh’s palace, while she grew up in her family’s modest home alongside her other brother Aaron.

The truth about all three, was they spent their lives loving and serving the Lord.   The Lord had a special plan and purpose for each of them.  Moses’ plan just seemed better.  How often does someone else’s life or calling seem better than ours?  What feelings or thoughts does that stir within us?

The next time we see Miriam in scripture she is again along side her brothers, Moses and Aaron.  They are fleeing for their lives along with about a million other Hebrews who have just escaped bondage in Egypt.

They come to a dead end, the Red Sea churning before them and Pharaoh’s chariots baring down behind them.  They see with their own eyes as Moses follows God’s command and raises his staff over the Red Sea, and the mighty waters part, leaving a path of dry ground. Wow.


I am in awe as I imagine this and am amazed at what God will do for His people. Something good to know – We are God’s people.

Sometimes in life we feel like we are standing in front of something insurmountable, like the Red Sea.

What would happen if we  would lift our hands over those big obstacles and trust that He is big enough to make a way for us too?

They cross over on the dry ground, to turn and see the sea closing behind them sweeping up the Egyptians, along with their chariots and horses.

The first thing from Moses’ and Miriam’s lips was praise and thanksgiving.  Moses’ song of praise is long and beautiful, Miriam’s sweet and short.

Out came her tambourine and she and all the women began dancing and singing as she led the women in worship to the Lord.

These are her sweet, yet simple words –

“Sing to the Lord,
For He has triumphed gloriously!
The horse and its rider
He has thrown into the sea!”

She simply states what God has done – He triumphed in a glorious way as they watched the Egyptians, their horses and their chariots be crushed by the sea. Enough said!

Sometimes all we need to do to encourage ourselves in our faith,

is simply state what God has already done in our lives.

How often do we compare how we give thanks, pray or worship to how others do?  We feel that some how our way isn’t the right way or the best way.

Compare Leads To Dispare

We cannot allow ourselves to get caught in that trap.  Miriam finds herself in the Comparison Trap and it will become her downfall. We will take a look at that next in Miriam’s Mistake.

We each are designed to give thanks, worship and pray in our own unique way.  Some of us are loud, some quiet, some dance, some sing, some sit still and quiet.  Let’s just close our eyes and worship our God, the God who parts the Sea.



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