Her Song

Her Song Series

Happy New Year!

I love a new year a fresh start, the endless possibilities.  I find it interesting to look back upon the last year and see so many things that transpired that I did not plan on.  Some were blessings, some were not.  Some were messes that turned into blessings.  One thread that I see through it all is God’s Faithfulness.

My word for the year is Herald.  What better way to begin the New Year than with a new Series called Her Song.  This will be a series that looks into the songs of four women who were not afraid to herald the Lord in private and in public

Miriam – Deborah – Hannah – Mary  

Their songs remind us that it is important to give thanks.  A thankful heart set free to sing its thanks can only result in joy.  We can all agree, more joy in our lives can only be a good thing.

So lets dig deep into these four beautiful songs and allow the Lord to create a unique song in each of us.

What Song Will You Sing in 2016?



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