Her Armor Series

Her Armor

I have been working on a little book project of women from the Old Testament who lived, and lived fully, bravely and beautifully.  The questions of living bravely has really been rolling around in my mind.  Am I brave?  Really brave?   I have to say…I’m not feel’n it.

These women pursued their lives, pursued God’s promises and the obstacles were big, really big.  They made some bad decisions, had some melt downs and felt helpless.  They also took risks, made plans even as fear and despair loomed over them, but they marched forward.

I have lost count at how many times fear or despair have stopped me in my tracks.

We will come across obstacles too, some will be big, very big.  Some of those obstacles live inside of us.  Fear and despair are two among many.  I could go on and on:  Insecurity, depression, loneliness, anger… they will all eat us alive. If we let them.

How do we protect ourselves?  How do we stand strong?  How do we stand brave?

My mind took me back to a Sunday School lesson that I have taught many times to children.  We would talk about the Armor of God, dress up in paper armor, wield swords, talk about all of the pieces and recite the verses.

Recently I have been feeling vulnerable, life at home is changing, my role in my life is changing and I don’t like it. I feel afraid and lonely some days. The days ahead look long and empty.

I remember this…


What if I actually put on the Armor, really put it on, on me?  Used it, lived in it.

Would I march through my life bravely, would you?

Let’s find out.

This week – Her Belt – will start us out on our journey through putting on God’s Armor.

We may end up with bad hair, I have a strong feeling it will be worth it.

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