Lois – Sincere Living Faith

Paul writes these words to Timothy… I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also. 2 Timothy 1:5  

Sincere faith, lived first… in Lois. Those words take my breath away. Some of us are Lois and sincere faith lived in us first. Some are Eunice, second generation faith, sincere faith was passed to you from a Lois. Some are a Timothy, third generation of sincere faith, with two generations pouring into our lives. Whatever our role… they are all important.

Today we look into Lois, let’s start with the word sincere.  Sincere is to be free of deceit, genuine, real, free of hypocrisy, pure. How beautiful watching the life of Lois must have been. Lois’s faith was alive within her, it could be seen in her words and actions.

As I picture her life I see her as a young girl, hearing the scriptures taught in her Jewish home. Seeds of faith being planted. She begins to know Jehovah for herself – she feels him Close.


As a young woman, I see her holding her baby girl, Eunice in her arms and giving thanks to Jehovah. She shares those same scriptures with her daughter, planting seeds. She teaches Eunice to pray and listen for Jehovah. The day comes when she holds Eunice’s hand as Timothy is birthed into the world. They look at each other and smile, they know what they must do.

Timothy grows and mother, Eunice is, planting, pouring, praying faith into him, Grandmother Lois is…pouring, planting, praying.

Timothy is getting a double portion of faith.

When Paul comes on the seen we may expect to see some reservation in old Jewish Grandma Lois, as he shares the message of Jesus. Wouldn’t she have been set in her ways? Many, many other Jews did not receive the Gospel when told. What made her different? I believe that her sincere, pure, genuine, real faith caused her to believe and grab a hold of the Gospel of Jesus. She knew the Truth when she heard it!


The Lord had prepared them, all three. He had hand-picked Timothy to be an evangelist, one who would spread His Gospel. God knew what he would need to prepare him, a Grandmother and Mother, who would be women who would carry the torch and ignite their next generation.

God also knows what our children and grandchildren need and He will provide it, much of it lies in us.

If I were to try and count how many homes in the world today have a mama and grandma raising children I would lose count. So many missing fathers. Lois and Eunice are proof, it is not impossible to raise faith-filled children on your own, if you must.

Let’s be clear faith does not mean perfect.  I want to say that again…faith does not mean perfect.  I am sure there were days that Lois and Eunice  were on one another’s last nerve.  Times they disagreed, days that didn’t go as planned, that were a complete disaster.

Timothy wasn’t a perfect child – he disobeyed and I would bet, times when he was yes… a little brat.  Faith is not giving up no matter how good or bad the day – they kept pouring, planting and praying over his young life.

His torch was ignited.

There can be many reasons that would cause you to say… ‘I don’t have a Lois in my life’.  We life in a broken world, filled with broken lives, but you long for a faith-filled woman to pour into you and your children.   Ask the Lord, He will bring her into your life… the Church is a Family, when we act like family, those cracks in our lives are filled.

As women we will walk in many roles in our lifetime, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother and if we reach the place and we become a grandmother, blessed are we!

Grandmothers have a unique influence, one that is clearly needed. Today families are scattered all over the world and they don’t have daily access to those grand babies.  Relationships between mother and daughter, or mother and daughter-in-law are strained.  Remember broken world, broken lives.

You can still be a Grandma Lois, a woman with sincere faith, who every chance she gets…

She will pour faith into her grandchildren.

She will plant the Word of God into their young and tender hearts.

She will live out sincere faith in front of her grand-children’s eyes.

She will pray over her grandchildren daily, asking Jehovah to light the torch in their lives that they will walk in his glorious light.


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