Life and Summer Blog Plans

Spring has sprung and life has been flying by these last few weeks. Our eldest son graduated from college. It was a glorious day as we watched him walk across that stage. My mind went back to the days that I held him in my arms as a babe. I remember the words, “You will go to college someday”, coming out of my lips.

Prayers of a Mama, I have prayed so many over my boys. For their health as babes in my arms, through the terrible two’s, the always traumatic kindergarten, all through grade school, high school and college. I have bowed my head with many different ladies, who I am eternally grateful for.

Through these years we have lifted our children up to the Lord in prayer. We have laughed, cried and prayed, God’s Will – God’s Way in the lives of our children. Sometimes the children have co-operated and sometimes not. Some things must be learned the long hard way.

Tonight our youngest son comes home from his sophomore year as a nursing student. My nest will be full and I will be happy. Until… the food is gone, the laundry is piled high and there is more activity in the house at 2:00 AM rather than 2:00 PM. I am adamant that I will enjoy every messy moment.

In August our family will make a shift as our eldest son, makes his way to Japan to teach English with the JET Program. His dream, his calling. There are days when I feel my heart actually hurt, when I think of him so far away. Then this… I have always prayed – God’s Will – God’s Way.

I had been praying about what to share on the Blog for the summer. I plan to highlight eight women who were passionate, radical followers of Jesus. Who used their gifts, talents, finances and abilities to further His Good News – our Good News! For eight weeks we will look into the lives of:

Tabitha (Dorcas)

Mary (the Mother of John Mark)






Looking forward to a summer of stirring our radical passion for Jesus!

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