A Gathering at the Well

We all gathered there at the Well on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day, He was in our midst, so present, so sweet, so refreshing.

Musing over it through out the day today fills me with joy and brings me to tears.

We journeyed long with these four women as they encountered Jesus, The Messiah. Some came looking for Him and some did not, by each of them He was found.

Yesterday, He was encountered yet again by women, some who were looking for Him and some who were not.  He encountered us all!

As we walked with each woman, we saw ourselves.

Some found a fresh start, they decided to leave their old water pot behind and take a long, refreshing drink from the fountain that will never run dry.

Some carrying the heavy, heavy stones of sin, let them fall and freely received forgiveness and freedom.

Some came seeking,longing, pressing, until they touched the Hem of His Garment, His virtue flowed.

Some picked up their alabaster jar, and answered the call to fill it with the fragrant perfume of sacrifice, picking up their cross and following Jesus into the dark places where they will shine His glorious light, in that place we find precious peace.

There is no place so sweet than women gathering together around the Well. We left the day … glowing …made radiant by the love of Jesus.


One thought on “A Gathering at the Well

  1. Did anyone video the event by chance? If so, I would love to watch it. God sure has given you a talent and gift-what a way to get His word across!!


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