Anticipation is this…realization in advance, a foretaste, expectation or hope.  That is what I am feeling right now. That is what is keeping me awake at night, fills my thoughts during the day.

Anticipation of what the Lord is going to do in our midst on Saturday.  The Encountered by Love Conference live at my church in my little corner of the world.

My dear friend and I have been studying these women, we have been investigating, reading carefully into their lives.  We have read and searched through the scriptures of their Encounters with the Son of God, Jesus.

Saturday we will unwrap each of them one by one, the Woman at the Well, the Woman with the Issue of Blood, the Adulteress, the Anointing Sinner.

We will be looking into a moment in their lives that changed each of them forever.  We will be searching for a moment an encounter of our own, with the only One who will make us complete.  The One who can fill us, heal us, forgive us, the One who sacrificed for us.

Oh the anticipation…for this journey with Jesus.

I believe in my heart that as we study, as we dig deep into the lives of these four woman, un-named, but purposely mentioned in the New Testament, by Jesus Himself, we will have an encounter of our own and we too, will be made radiant.

EBL gig

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