Jehovah the Servant

The Message version of these words – ring so true and clear.  God’s plan for the World is being revealed!

“And now,” God says,
this God who took me in hand
from the moment of birth to be his servant,

God held Jesus in His mighty Hand.  Hand picking His mother Mary, forming Him in His mother’s womb, birthing Him.  He was birthed to be a servant.  The Servant of the World.  Jesus knew this, before He inhaled His first breath.  His life purpose was completely planned out, the narrow road stretched out before Him.

We know that our goal as Christians is to become more and more like Jesus.  Yet we think we can achieve that by becoming less and less like servants.

What it is to be a servant?

Webster’s tells us this:  one that serves others, one that performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer

Easton’s Bible Dictionary says:  To be a worshiper of God

I want to be known as a worshiper of God!

To bring Jacob back home to him,
to set a reunion for Israel—
What an honor for me in God’s eyes!
That God should be my strength!

Jesus’ first goal.  Bring Jacob (Israel) back.  To organize the reunion and bring the family back together.  He realizes that this is a big job, bigger than Him.  He knows He cannot accomplish this on His own.  He fully says, “With Your strength God, I can!”

Even Jesus leaned upon the strength of His Father.  How much more do we?  When something looks too big, too difficult, too extraordinary and we feel our strength waning.  Our first reaction is to quit or shrink back from the task. To bury our head in the sand or under our covers.

head in sand

 Instead, we need to practice leaning on the strength of God.  He is more than able!

We will be amazed at all He can do in and through us.

He says, “But that’s not a big enough job for my servant—
just to recover the tribes of Jacob,
merely to round up the strays of Israel.

I’m setting you up as a light for the nations 

   so that my salvation becomes global!

If His first job isn’t big enough – God already has a bigger job lined up for His Son, His Servant.  God is not a God who thinks small, and as His children, neither should we.

Salvation is for all.  Jesus will be the Beacon that will guide them in.

Not only is Jesus the Beacon, He is the Sacrifice, the Way, Truth, Life.

He accomplished His mission.

My friends, now we carry the torch.  To serve, to love, to point all people to Him.

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