To say the words.. Crucify Him

These words… ‘Crucify Him’. Over the last weekend I went to an Encounter. A time set apart to seek the Face of God. One element of the weekend – awakened to me the reality of my sin and the reality of my thankfulness. I could not put my thoughts into words all week without being overwhelmed with love for Jesus.

We went to the cross. We were taught about death by crucifixion. The suffering the pain. The crown of thorns, two inch thorns, that dug deep into is skull. How every nerve in Jesus’ body would have felt as if it were on fire. That His heart would have filled with fluid and blood until it literally exploded in His chest. And the ‘blood and water’ flowed. As we approached the Cross a large cold nail was placed into our hand.

As we stood before a large wooden cross, we were instructed to say…. “Crucify Him”.     I could not make the words come from my mouth. ‘No, I am not one of those people’, I thought, ‘I would never have said Crucify Him. I love Jesus.’ My instructor said to me, “Wasn’t it your sin that nailed Him to the Cross?” The reality of my sin struck me as never before. My ugly sin…


Jesus willingly went to the cross baring my sin, in essence, I needed Jesus to be crucified – to carry my sin.

To actually say those words…’Crucify Him’

Jesus carried all sin, oh how unbearably heavy that burden must have been for Him. Yet, He went willingly to His Cross. For me, for you.

As I whispered the words, crucify Him. My body shook with sobs. Sobs that had eluded me for a long time. For the first time I understood the true weight of my sin and the sacrifice that Jesus made.

I thought of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Even she, needed her Son to go to the cross, even her sin said the words, “Crucify Him.” As much as mine, as much of your. She loved Him, with a mother’s love and yet she had to stand and watch her Son sacrifice himself for all man-kind. She was included in that group.

I knelt and placed my nail at the bottom of the Cross – overwhelmed with love anew for my Savior – Jesus. I Encountered His Love and I will never see His Cross the same again.

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