Really In Need of that Living Water Today

So I wake this morning and read this

Isis Kidnaps Syrian Christians: Women and Children  I see this…


Her eyes, her heartbreak…

My heart starts beating fast, my face flushed and I feel that familiar, comfortable hate seeping in to my very being, I am shaking with anger.  Even though I have no FBi training, I daydream that I am Red’s partner.  I would love to check a few names off of that list today.

Black List

Crazy thoughts for an average American wife and mother, living in an average neighborhood, living an average life.

Then I realize I am so thirsty.  I need a drink of that Living Water, you know from that fountain that never runs dry.  Just as Jesus needed to go to that well in Samaria.   I need to cast all hate aside.  I need to pray on behalf of my fellow Christians, that they will be strengthened, that their Living Water will Overflow.  I need to pray for the Isis militants, that they grow so thirsty, so thirsty that they must take a drink..


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